To add an activity you simply push once on the tasks + button. You can add an activity more than once a day, by pushing the tasks + button several times. You can delete an activity by pushing the tasks – button.

Pocket money, allowance, pay - Make sure you can say…

iDeserveThis iPhone and iPod touch App - The App that makes it fast and easy to keep track of the work you do at home and calculate the earnings* this may give you...

iDeserveThis are designed to help you keeping track of the duties you are doing at home, and calculating the reward you deserve for this. After finishing a task you simply add it to the app with a touch of a button, and your total earnings is shown at the top of the activity list (day, week and month totals). You can scroll back and forth between days, weeks and months, to see the activity and the earnings for the selected period of time.

Coming soon!
New app intended for parents/ guardians… Connects to iDeserveThis and let's parents/guardians see and optionally control registrations in iDeserveThis!

You find detailed information about iDeserveThis here.
For questions, contact support: support.idt@app24seven.com

* Make an agreement with your parents before you start using this appApp_Store_Badge_EN_0609_bck_white_250px

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